City of Danbury Recruitment Event

January 10, 2019

City of Danbury liaison and mentor, Karen Ledan, organized a recruitment event at the Danbury Police Department on January 10th. Ledan, who has been mentoring the same student for 11 years, expressed what a great experience mentoring has been for her.

“I have wondered all these years if I have made a difference. We were interviewed last year and I found out that he does appreciate me and enjoys our time together as much as I do,” said Ledan.

Her goal is to get more City of Danbury employees involved in the program.

“When I started recruiting, the City had only about 13 mentors out of over 600 employees. I felt this was a really low number,” stated Ledan.

She plans to schedule additional recruitment events for various other City of Danbury departments in hopes of getting more people on board and mentoring Danbury Public School students.

Ledan’s efforts resulted in nine new mentors who are now meeting regularly with students. Chief Ridenhour, who mentors in another town, supports the program and is committed to making a difference through mentoring. Officers Howley and Russotti helped our efforts by discussing their roles as DSABC mentors.

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